[ic] Quantity pricing questions

Jack Gates jlgates at morningstarwebservices.net
Fri Oct 17 13:20:35 EDT 2003

Greetings all,

I am new to Linux and Interchange and this mailing list.

I am trying to set up a store that needs to have quantity pricing displayed
to the customer with 4 price break levels and options that will have an
impact on the price also based on quantity.

I have been reading the docs at icdevgroup.org for about a week now and I
have figured out that catalog.cfg and after.cfg have something to do with
handling the prices listed in the q2, q5, ... w2, w5, ... etc. I have not
however figured out how they are controlling the values or how to change the
settings (I do not know Perl yet) in these files to do what I believe they
are supposed to do. I believe the price_group has something to do with the
price quantities. I am not sure what values are supposed to be in this
column or what is using the info to show the price on the web page.

The pricing doc implies that if the q or w variables are set the price will
kick in if the quantity is equal to or greater than. I assume set means
there is a value for the q or w. Example; q5 5.25 q10 4.5

There seems to be something else that has some control in this process other
than just the files mentioned above but what, where and how has continued to
escape me.

It also appears that the options table has some impact on this as well but
that also has left me still scratching my head.

Is there also a way to change these variables from q2, q5, q10, q25, q100 to
some thing else, like q6, q12, q24, q48?

So far most of what I have tried has not worked.

It appears to me that there are several things interacting together to make
this all work and I have not been able to find all my puzzle pieces.

Will some one please point me to the right information that will help me
solve this challenge?

Any help will be very much appreicated,

Jack Gates
Morning Star Communications
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