[ic] no checkout button in netscape

aaldrik groenewold altexx2000 at yahoo.com
Fri Oct 24 12:07:17 EDT 2003

When I go to the checkout page in netscape 7.1 then I
see no check out and recalculate buttons on the bottom
of the page. note: I have 2 computers and the problem
is only on 1 computer so the problem is definitely a
netscape or computer problem.I checked the source file
and the html code is there-- <noscript><input
TYPE="submit" NAME="mv_click" VALUE="Place
<noscript><input TYPE="submit" NAME="mv_click"
This looks fine to me.
Internet works fine on both computers and I use
netscape 7.1 on both computers. I have disabled
cookies and cleared the cache but no change.
So I think my customers can have the same problem.
Does somebody know what here the problem is ?
I have installed ic-4.9.8. 

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