[ic] Problem adding html tags to Interchange pages.

Frank Reitzenstein frank at goldissue.com
Thu Sep 11 23:41:51 EDT 2003


Today I was able to insert functional html tags for search engines an 
the index.html of my foundation store. I did this by editing 
/var/lib/interchange/foundation/templates/leftonly (and the others) and 
inserting a line like this for each tag that I needed.

                           description: Page keywords

at the bottom of this file I added a line like this:

[set page_keywords][set]

...but for 9 tags as you find on html pages.

I found that I could then edit a static page like index.html using the 
admin interface and create a totally search engine friendly and 
optimized page.  

Even for fly pages it is possible to use [item-description] perhaps 
mixed with general terms in the title description and keywords. You can 
see this for the page title at the admin edit flypage utility.

However this all falls apart on the result.html pages which is created 
by clicking on a category in the 'table of contents' on the left. I 
spent all day trying everything.

You can use __COMPANY__ in the title field on the admin interface edit: 
results.html but not [item-field category] (for example)

I am very pleased to be able to add search engine friendly tags to key 
Interchange pages, but I feel that the inability to include the 
'category' (or some work around) on those important link pages, weakens 
those links that I would like spidered through to the fly pages. With 
many fly pages spidered the ranking of the site will be greatly improved.

Can anyone tell me how to display the category in the header of the 
results page somehow?

Thanks in advance,


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