[ic] HTML in XML

Chris Wenham cwenham at synesmedia.com
Fri Sep 26 16:29:19 EDT 2003

On Friday 26 September 2003 14:52, Grant wrote:
> <Description><![CDATA[<b>Brand new</b> toy truck]]></Description>
> ###
> When I set up my Description XML tag it looks like this:
> ###
> <Description><![CDATA[[scratch description]]]></Description>
> ###
> and eBay gets [scratch description] as the description.  This is all
> happening on a test page, and all kinds of other stuff is parsing jus fine.
> Does anyone have any bright ideas that will allow passing HTML in an XML
> request like this as well as allow IC tags to be included for parsing?

 Is this code in a UserTag? If so, use $Scratch->{description} instead, maybe 
like this:

 $xml .= "<Description><![CDATA[$Scratch->{description}]]></Description>";


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