[ic] live server stats

Mike Heins mike at perusion.com
Tue Apr 6 17:52:54 EDT 2004

Quoting Eric Small (interchange at ericsmall.com):
> I've thought about making a Perl script that would output visitor information 
> in a format that could be graphed by MRTG.  I was thinking along the lines of 
> information like visitors per and orders per hour.  I think both of those could 
> be easily extracted from files.

That is actually a nice idea. MRTG is cool; I use it for server network
stats but had not thought of using it for such things.

> I have enough right now just trying to customize the foundation demo to start 
> working on accessory scripts though.
> P.S. I really hope this posts correctly.  I see my last post that was a reply 
> to an existing thread started a new thread, even though I added the in-reply-to 
> header to the email.
> Interchange 5.0.1 on Debian 3.0r2 with perl 5.6.1and PostgreSQL 7.4.1

This post had an In-Reply-To: header, which it should not if it
is supposed to be a new thread. If it was supposed to be a reply,
it is. 8-)

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