[ic] Help needed with table getting wiped!

k palazani at gmx.net
Mon Apr 12 22:47:13 EDT 2004

Peter wrote:
> Interchange version 5.0.1
> A while back I added a table to my interchange store called prodimage.
> The purpose of the table is to be able to display more than one image
> on the flypage for a product, so the table has a key field called
> code,
> plus it has fields for sku and image name (image).  it also has width
> and height fields, but those are no longer used.
> So after restoring and finding it wiped several times I am now at my
> wits end, it seems like nothing that I do will get it working again
> and anything that I do involving the table or involving restarting the
> interchange server or applying changes wipes the table!

Have you added a prodimage.pgsql file to your
path_to_your_catalog/dbconf/pgsql directory?

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