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> If you can't run Makefile.PL, you have an improperly-installed Perl.
> You need to install Perl, properly. Then it will run.
> I didn't even consider answering up to now, because nowhere have I seen
> any information at all about what system, database, Perl version, or
> anything else in a post. That info is required to even begin to diagnose
> something like this, and that is not only standard practice with any
> software program but is prominently featured in Interchange's FAQ.
> Interchange has been successfully installed on a dozen or more OS
> variants on thousands of systems. There is no reason it should not
> install on any properly configured UNIX server with a correctly-
> installed Perl.


If you read the ORINGAL message it stated I have Perl 5.6.1, the DB doesn't
matter sense it is getting to that point yet.  Perl is installed correctly,
and was just reinstalled to see if that was the problem.  The Linux Kernel
is 2.4.25-1-grsec.  

If everyone thought like you, which it seems they do, how do new people get
support?  If a person needs help and they are missing information you think
you need to help, ask them for the information you need.  All the needed
info to get started was in the original message I posted.  From there the
only person who offered any type of help is Rene.

The problem here sounds like I am missing some 3rd party libraries.  If that
is the case, how can I found out what they are sense Interchange doesn't
publish them in the readme? 

I would like to thank Mike, Racke and all the others who just ignore the
message who might be able to help, for the incredible welcome to
Interchange.  This is the welcome you want to give everyone you want to
drive off, if that is what you are trying to do, just keep it up.  

They only way I was able to get any response other than Rene was to
criticize the installation process and then people come out to defend it,
but not really offer help.  

The use of "correctly installed" and "properly configured" are very vegue
terms, and should only be used if they are backed up somewhere with what
"correctly installed" and "properly configured" means.  There are a million
and one ways to properly configure a Unix system, and more than one way to
"correctly install" perl, if Interchange or even you do not state the
specifics of what these terms mean to you and them they mean nothing.

Therefore if you are not willing to help on this problem, then do not reply.
I do not need to be flamed or sarcastically insulted while I am trying to
deal with getting Interchanged installed.


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