[ic] "upgrade" from DBM files to a MySQL server solution in IC 4.8.7

Lyn St George lyn at zolotek.net
Thu Apr 15 11:29:49 EDT 2004

On Thu, 15 Apr 2004 13:12:16 +0100, Mark Bryant wrote:

>Hi Everyone,
>I'm thinking it's about time that I stopped using DBM files and moved to an 
>SQL based solution with my IC install. The site it getting quite busy and 
>I'm hoping to improve its performance by changing to MySQL. The other 
>benefit, of course, that we'll be able to share the DB data with other 
>applications more easily.
>So, on to my (probably) daft question....
>Does anyone know the location of a complete HOWTO doc that covers the 
>conversion process including the importing of the existing DBM file data 
>into the MySQL server or does anyone have one they are prepared to share? 
>I've not altered the tables in any way or added new fields (although I am 
>using the odd redundant table field to store data I need/want rather than 
>use it for it's intended purpose and have to add new fields), so it should 
>be relatively straight forward?

This is one way which works:

1. backup all of your import files (products.txt, transactions.txt, etc)
2. make an html page with [tag export transactions transactions.txt][/tag]
and so on for every table you have, and put this in your pages directory.
3. browse to that  page and your 'import files' are now updated
4. in variable.txt, set 'mysql <tab>1', 'SQLDSN<tab>dbi:mysql:test_vwe'
(being a 'test_*' table it will be created without a username or password)
5. restart IC and break out a cold beer. 

(if it won't create the new db then the MySQL default has been changed
to not allow a 'test_*' db. Either change it back, or SSH in as root and use
'mysql_setpermission' to create a new db with username and password)

>I've had a read on google and the IC site about using MySQL, but I'm not 
>finding information that I can really work with. If I was installing IC for 
>the first time and to use MySQL I think I'd be OK, it's converting a 
>current system with live data that I'm bothered/scared of.

Always back up all tables and dbs before making major changes. 

>I'm using RedHat 7.3, IC 4.8.7, Perl 5.6.1 and have MySQL + Server 
>installed from rpms as:
>The devel rpm probably isn't needed but I thought it best to include it 
>seeing as it was there and I'm not short of disk space :)
>Many thanks in advance.
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