[ic] Still need some help getting started.

rbragg redhat at rickbragg.net
Thu Apr 29 11:07:33 EDT 2004

Lars Segerlund wrote:
> I have set up interchange using the deb's in testing/unstable, and I 
> simply can't get the admin interface running, neither the login checkout 
> and so on, but I can access most parts of the foundation store.
> Yesterday I got the tip that it might be a wrongly configured webserver, 
> but now I am starting to have suspisions that it might be an issue with 
> the interchange user, ( or user that the cgi run's as), thus I wanted to 
> ask if anybody has seen this behaviour before, and if it's a vlink/tlink 
> issue ?
> Also what is the correct way of getting started from deb's ?
> I got the same fault rebuilding perl and interchange as a separate user 
> and running everything from his home catalog, ( public_html ).
> Any help appreciated :-) ...
> / regards, Lars Segerlund.

Is it just your "https" pages that are the problem? If so it is probably 
your secure server. What do the logs say?


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