[ic] MySql database in admin area out of sync

Rene Hertell interchange-users at hertell.com
Sun Aug 8 17:42:49 EDT 2004

> Thanks, Yes I did, and that got me right where I was. I did get rid of
> the table.txt and table.sql files though, and it seems to be running
> srieght off the mysql database table and it seems to work that way.
> How can I get/put back the txt file, and make it work? Does the txt file
> get built from the mysql table? If I just "touch" table.txt will it
> populate from the mysql database table when I restart? or will that
> erase my mysql database table?

To recreate table.txt file you have to "export" that table from for example
the admin-ui. You will then get a file with the current content of that

If you want to add/remove fields from your existing db, then just drop/add
that column directly in MySQL. Restart IC, and export again that table, and
you'll have the altered table exported into table.txt


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