[ic] shipping criteria question

Nathan Barnett nbarnett at specialty-books.com
Wed Aug 18 11:32:18 EDT 2004

I am looking to set up shipping so that it will use a flat rate when the
total items in the cart are less than 7 and use weight based shipping
when the items are more than 6.  For this I was thinking to set up each
ship method with more than one criteria.

This is what I was thinking but its not working. I was hoping that if
the first didn't match it would go down to the next until a match was

        criteria	quantity
	min	0
	max	0
	cost	e Nothing to ship!

	criteria	quantity
	min	0
	max	6
	cost	6

	criteria	weight
	min	7
	max	150
	cost	u
	table	Ground
	zone	rates/457
	geo	zip
	default_geo	45701

	criteria	weight
	min	150
	max	9999
	cost	e @@TOTAL@@ lbs is to heavy for UPS

Thanks in advance


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