[ic] Product Sales Price?

Kip Lawrence kip at jkcrafts.com
Mon Aug 23 12:53:27 EDT 2004

Hi everyone,

I'm successfully running an Interchange 5.2 store. It is working great. 
I have run in to one thing I can't figure out. I have successfully put 
some items on special. They display on my front page perfectly. The only 
thing lacking is I would like to also be able to set a sales price for 
the item.

For instance I have item A which is $69.99. For the month of September I 
would like to mark it as a special (this I can do). I would also like to 
set it on sale for $59.99. Can this be done? Or if not has anyone 
implemented this?

In the above example the item would automatically come off Special at 
the end of September. The price would also be set back to normal. I am 
currently setting all of this by click on the promo link in the items 
tag in the backend.

I've searched the archives and seen articles on commonadjust and 
discount_groups but not exactly what I'm trying to do.

Any help/comments would be great!


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