[ic] Watermarking product pictures

Jonathan Clark jonc at webmaint.com
Tue Aug 24 18:12:42 EDT 2004

> >>On Tue, 24 Aug 2004, Rene Hertell wrote:
> >>
> >>>>>>this is adapted from something i use for dynamic sizing and
> >>>>>>compression ... email me a gmillerd at qualhost.com if you want me to
> >>>>>>do something further. I didnt have time at work today to write this
> >>>>>>into a mod_perl module :)
> >>>>>
> >>>>>[snip]
> >>>>>
> >>>>>It would be great if someone would have time to merge this
> >>>>
> >>>>feature into the
> >>>>
> >>>>
> >>>>>[image]-tag... :)
> >>>>
> >>>>It's actually already there in the "makesize" option. See the
> source of
> >>>>the tag, which has POD documentation explaining how to use it.
> >>>
> >>>Just checked from the latest devel-version of the image-tag in CVS, and
> >>>there is not yet implemented a watermark-option.. :(
> >>>
> >>>Maybe there might be some other versions of the image-tag out there in
> >>>the list-achieves that you refer to? I'll see if I can find them.
> >>
> >>No, it doesn't watermark -- the code snippet that was posted to the list
> >>only did dynamic resizing, and that's what the image tag does as well.
> >>
> >>But it's true, a watermark option would be handy.
> >>
> >>Jon
> >
> >
> > Look this
> >
>  * Takes an image. (file or blob)
>   * Generates an image of specified width, height, or both (maintaining
> aspect ratio).
>   * Allows a logo to be placed over this image (again file or blob) for
> branding.
>   * If you want, it generates a thumbnail (without logo) of defined width,
> or height, or both (maintaining aspect ratio again).
>   * Allows a border of specified color and width to be put around both the
> image and/or the thumb.
>   * Allows specification of output file type, according to the filename

Wow! I wrote that a long time ago.

I have just put the demo page back up, and also put the tag somewhere useful
as it seems to be mangled in the archive. The demo and tag are linked to
from here:


Have fun!

For interest, the tag was created for a client to ease creation of ebay
listings through interchange, but has been useful since. We are using this
tag on the Concert Trade site here: www.concerttrade.com to stop people from
creating classified listings with stupidly large images which messed up the
page formatting.


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