[ic] Changing location of perl executable

Ryan Grace ryan at ryangrace.com
Mon Feb 2 13:34:48 EST 2004

Hi All,

Running 4.8.6 on SuSE 8.2.

When trying to get IC up and running on this machine I learned of the problem with the thread-enabled version of Perl that ships with SuSE 8.2.  As a solution I compiled Perl 5.8.1 from source and installed it as an rpm to replace the SuSE thread-enabled version.  This works fine and IC runs without problems.  However, I now want to revert to the SuSE version of perl and instead install a non-threads Perl that will be used only by IC in a different location.

My question is, after installing IC, how can I change where it looks for the Perl executable?



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