[ic] Mr. Heins, where did Quota.pm go? :(

Kitepilot Solutions LLC interchange at kitepilot.com
Mon Feb 2 14:41:11 EST 2004

First of all, thanks to Mr. Mike Heins for his work with the Red Hat Perl
nightmare!   :)

What I did:
I followed the instructions given at:
and apparently it worked fine.

My server uses this crappie WEB based admin interface provided by the
server farm that is written in Perl.
After I installed the new Perl, the proprietary (crappie) interface
broke...   :(

I tracked the problem down to a bunch of missing *.pm files that, being my
normal ignorant self, I can't tell apart the regular-Perl ones from the

As I have a parallel server running RH 7.2, and assuming that everything
missing was from "the Interface", I began copying files away and
everything worked fine until I hit Quota.so.

Then I had to call technical support because I was under the idea that
only "proprietary Perl" was missing.

It turned out to be that the *VERY* knowledgeable support guy (this is the
first time in years that the guy doesn't have a clue) couldn't tell me
what the Hell Quota.so was either.

While holding, I went researching Perl and found out
http://search.cpan.org/~tomzo/Quota-1.4.10/ with a whole different array
of questions of its own, all them outside the scope of this list.

Now the question:
Where did Quota.pm go?
It is not critical and I won't probably use it anytime soon (or later) but
puzzles me that a search in the archives for Quota.so and Quota.pm came
back "hitless".
Am I the only moron using those quotas?
Enrique A. Troconis

PS:  I’ll appreciate anyone telling me what the .so stands for and how it
is created too.
Sucks being ignorant...
Big time...    :(

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