[ic] Mr. Heins, where did Quota.pm go? :(

Rene Hertell interchange-users at hertell.com
Fri Feb 6 11:04:18 EST 2004

> Now the question:
> Where did Quota.pm go?

Either did Quota.pm go out for lunch, or then it just died brutally because
of the this line in the install.sh script:

rm -rf usr/lib/perl5

You probably saw the following line in the README-file found with the
interchange-enhanced perl-package for RedHut 9:
"Do not use unless you have no doubts and are able to re-install RPMS to get
back to the default."

As you now noticed by yourself, your system had a "crappie WEB based admin
interface provided by the server farm that is written in Perl". That means
that your system was not "a default" setup of RedHut9, because it used some
own Perl modules for that "crappie WEB based admin interface".

Did you by the way try to install that module? (run as root: perl -MCPAN -e
shell, and from the cpan prompt run: install Quota). That would probably
install Quota and solve your problem.. By the way.. I would not copy modules
from an other system to a new system. That might give you a nice headache in
the future..

> It is not critical and I won't probably use it anytime soon (or later) but
> puzzles me that a search in the archives for Quota.so and Quota.pm came
> back "hitless".

You're right. The Quota-module is not used by Interchange, and therefore you
can consider yourself to be the first person to mention it on this list.

> Am I the only moron using those quotas?
No, I guess that all other customers of your host uses the same stuff ..


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