[ic] Options and order

Hustler jrichter at hustlerdvd.de
Fri Feb 6 06:28:03 EST 2004

Hi list,

the item-options are very helpful, especially if one uses -->
then only options, that are in stock will be displayed ...

[table-organize cols=2 table=' ' font="size=1" pretty=1]
[item-options td=1 label=1 bold=1 inventory="inventory:quantity"]

Has anybody ever come across this, what happens if all the options are out
of stock,
then they won't be displayed, but on the flypage we still have this

<input type="image" src="__THEME_IMG_DIR__buynow.gif" border="0"
value="[L]Buy it Now![/L]">

making it therefor possible for the customer, to actually put the article in
the basket, has anybody solved this
and would be willing to share this info.... ? The customer should see the
article with a message saying 'out ot stock'
and he should not be able to click on the buy button.

How is it possible to change the backgroundcolor or anything of the pulldown
option menue using css ?
<INPUT TYPE=password NAME=mv_password VALUE="" class="blackflss"> the
class="blackflss" works everywhere else,
how can I get it to work with [item-options td=1 label=1 bold=1



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