[ic] 5.0 upgrade

David Radovanovic dave at whatsthebigidea.com
Sun Feb 8 10:19:45 EST 2004

Hello everyone: I'm working on FreeBSD, using Interchange 5.0 with the
foundation theme: 5.0 is a big improvement and thanks to all who
contributed. Though the UI is so dramatically changed causing great
confusion for this simple mind. I was hoping that someone might suggest a
way to dumb-down the new UI to resemble 4.8.7 without losing any of the new
and improved features? For example, in the "Edit templates" interface, show
template names instead of the descriptions. Another: create a new template
based on an existing template as in 4.8.7 version. The Interchange
templating system has always seemed to confuse me. Now even more with 5.0.
In the "Edit page" interface I like the new "Representation" widget though
adding a component to the different "slots" doesn't always come up with the
results intended. Maybe someone out there can relate with my frustration and
add some much needed insight to my predicament.

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