[ic] Changes disappearing on the pages

Dan Bergan danb at champonline.com
Tue Feb 10 12:38:05 EST 2004

Sergei Voyakin wrote:

>>> Not sure if anyone else have run into this, but I have seen it on 
>>> couple occasions and its really frustrating.  Once I make a change 
>>> and publish a file (in this case I am talking about 
>>> query/check_orders.html and a change to display the order_date 
>>> correctly:
>>> $hash{order_date} = $Tag->convert_date({format => '%m/%d/%Y'}, 
>>> $hash{order_date}); )
>>> Well, once I save it and then check the page, it works.  Then, if I 
>>> go back to make another change, all of a sudden parts of the above 
>>> line disapear, and it shows up something like this:
>>> $hash{order_date} = $Tag->convert_date(, $hash{order_date});
>>> which completely breaks the page.  So now, every time i make a 
>>> change to that page, I have to remember and put the old tag in its 
>>> place.  What's the deal?
>> Hm, unfortunately I cannot reproduce this. What browser/version do 
>> you using ?
I'm seeing a similar problem as well.  Most recently, I've noticed it in 
the Foundation catalog using the "Shopping Cart Display (full)".  I 
noticed that all the field names where coming up "quantity0", so I 
edited the component to use [quantity-name], but the next time I edited 
the component, all occurrences of [quantity-name] were replaced with 
quantity0.  (I also tried [modifier-name quantity] and the same thing 
happened.)  As noted by Sergei, everything works as it should until I go 
back in and edit the component again.

My server is IC 5.0 on Red Hat ES 2.1.  The browsers I've used are IE6, 
Mozilla 1.5 on Windows, and Mozilla 0.9.8 on Linux.

I first noticed it on the catalog I'm working on, but I also tried it on 
a stock-install of the Foundation catalog.


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