[ic] Changes disappearing on the pages

John Rennie john-rennie at thechampagneshop.co.uk
Sat Feb 14 17:05:15 EST 2004

< snip -- other problem with tag interpolation and the admin editor >

> I'm seeing a similar problem as well.  Most recently, I've 
> noticed it in 
> the Foundation catalog using the "Shopping Cart Display (full)".  I 
> noticed that all the field names where coming up "quantity0", so I 
> edited the component to use [quantity-name], but the next 
> time I edited 
> the component, all occurrences of [quantity-name] were replaced with 
> quantity0.  (I also tried [modifier-name quantity] and the same thing 
> happened.)  As noted by Sergei, everything works as it should 
> until I go 
> back in and edit the component again.
> My server is IC 5.0 on Red Hat ES 2.1.  The browsers I've 
> used are IE6, 
> Mozilla 1.5 on Windows, and Mozilla 0.9.8 on Linux.
> I first noticed it on the catalog I'm working on, but I also 
> tried it on 
> a stock-install of the Foundation catalog.
> Thanks,
> Dan

I discovered this last year, and Mike's reply is in
The best solution is to use <input name="quantity[item-param mv_ip]" ...> to
avoid this issue. It seems to keep cropping up.

Best regards,


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