[ic] File used to send to customers to assist in setup.

Jonathan Clark jonc at webmaint.com
Thu Feb 12 10:29:23 EST 2004

> Thanks for the great resouce.  Some time ago someone posted a file
> that they would send to their customers to assist them in getting all
> the information to setup a catalog for their customer's.  Could
> someone assist me in finding this file used to assist customers in
> setting up a store.
> I must be really dumb, I can not find this file in the archives.
> I had a major disastor at my location and all tapes and hd were
> destroyed. I would like to find this file to assist them a customer
> that is having problems.  This file was a extremely good resource.
> If my memory server me it was a .xls file.
> I want to really thank who ever posted it and would ask if someone
> could point me to where I can find it again.
> Thank you very much for your assistance.


Which you could find by going to the RTFM site here:



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