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Thu Feb 19 17:28:09 EST 2004

This is a continutation of the following thread:

 > on 27/8/02 4:06 pm, Chaim Klar at c_klar at c-cs.com wrote:
 >> In the eror log I see an error like "/cgi-bin/ajmadison/ui 
128mbcf.gif is
 >> not a file."
 > if this is your output, check you don't have spaces in your file name as
 > this is bound to upset any server..
 > try using underscores (_) instead of spaces ( )..

I'm experincing the same thing.  I tried adding a new image_upload 
widget, its updating the db but not uploading the file.
My file name is not using any special chars.  Here's my error:

flj /cgi-bin/flj/admin/table_image 50200007.swatch.th.jpg is not a file.

I configured it exacly like the widgets on the item_edit form except I 
updated the directly it should be uploading to.  Changing the widget to 
image_listing works so I know the directory permissions are ok, but I 
kind of like the way the image_upload works better, plus i need it to 
beable to update my database as well.

I couldn't find any resolution to this on the ML.

I couldn't find anything specific (or at least too obvious) in the 
item_edit page that would allow this widget to work here but not on my page.

I'm using IC 5.0 / perl 5.6.1

Mike k.

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