[ic] Clustering Interchange

Mike Heins mike at perusion.com
Wed Feb 25 11:07:26 EST 2004

Quoting Frank (fmueller at adva.de):
> Hi List,
> we are running IC 4.99 on a 4 server cluster. We found we have a problem 
> of customers losing sessions when they accessed us via Proxy servers.
> So we started working on having the sessions just on one server, but we 
> can't get it to run properly.
> When trying to share the session directory via NFS, 2 IC servers work 
> fine, the other 2 give us a new session id for each access or hang up. 

The usual cause for this is bad time on the server -- if they are off
by a large number of minutes they will give a new session ID as if
the session is expired.

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