[ic] Submit order error.

mnow mnow at speednetllc.com
Sat Jan 17 01:40:01 EST 2004

After going through the "ICCATTUT.pdf" and setting up an interchange site,
upon placing an order and filing out all info, I get an error page saying
that something
is missing but will not list the missing items.
    After looking at the error.log file:

localhost.localdomain TrW8rn49:localhost.localdomain -
[17/January/2004:01:23:07 -0500] harbon /cgi-bin/harbon/process Order
profile order_profile not found

I am stumped, as the cgi-bin/harbon is a file and not a directory.
I have followed the tutorial to a T but now I'm lost..

Any suggestions would be appreciated.


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