[ic] How to order Two product sizes from one product?

Ben Polen ben at allenwood.org
Thu Jan 22 21:20:13 EST 2004


I am building a shop in Interchange, and the shop owner has a database 
set up where one product comes in two sizes, ie, a box and a case of 24 
boxes.  (for example, of course the counts vary)

He wants to keep it so that the user can order either a box, or a case, 
but using the same SKU.  Not every product has this, some you can only 
order in one quantity.

I was considering using the options feature to do this, but then was 
wondering how would I pass the variables to the shopping cart, and how 
the cart holds it. Of course, just because someone will order it in one 
quantity doesn't mean they will do it in the other.

Any suggestions?  Should I just duplicate the items even if they have 
the same SKU, and let one be one unit size, and the other, the other 
unit size?


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