[ic] silent post from Verisign Payflow Link

Michael Kim mikek at tibetanaidproject.org
Sat Jan 24 17:48:11 EST 2004

Hi -

I am trying to integrate IC with Verisign Payflow Link by using its "silent
post" feature.  I have gotten fairly far in experimenting with this approach
but have not gotten it to work.

The topic of this message is similar to these:

and neither of these threads were resolved either.

Here is what I have so far :

(1) From the "cart.cgi/ord/checkout.html" page, clicking the "Place Order"
button can be simulated by just browsing to the location of
[process secure=1]
with "&mv_click_map=Place_Order&mv_click_Place_Order=Place Order" appended
onto the url.

&mv_click_map=Place_Order&mv_click_Place_Order=Place%20Order )

See the hidden fields of the "checkout" form on "checkout.html" for more
information about this.
    Just browsing to this url will pull up a receipt page, and trigger off
the order route behaviors (logging, updating the database, sending
confirmation emails, etc).

(2) I can pass the "mv_session_id" to Verisign Payflow Link through a hidden
field called "USER1", and the value of the "[process secure=1]" tag through
a hidden field called "USER2", which Verisign posts to my silent-post page
(called "silent.php").

(3) My "silent.php" page receives "USER1" (the "mv_session_id" value)
properly from Verisign, and posts this along with "mv_click_map=Place_Order"
and "mv_click_Place_Order=Place Order" (and other values copied from
"checkout.html") to the url parsed from "USER2".

(4) But "silent.php" posting these to "process.html" does not trigger the
behaviors that browsing to the same url does.

Does this approach not work because cookies are involved somehow?  What
other difference could there be between browsing to "process.html" with the
mentioned values and posting to "process.html" with the same value from

I think whoever figures this out will have solved the elusive IC to Verisign
Payflow Link integration problem that does not yet have a good documented

Please help.

Thanks -


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