[ic] Ads extenstion first version done

Steve icdev at mrlock.com
Tue Jul 20 19:11:55 EDT 2004

> Subject: [ic] Ads extenstion first version done
> As requested and funded by some of our kind Interchange users, I have
> put up the ad serving extension to Interchange.
>    http://www.perusion.com/contrib/ads-0.01.tar.gz
> There is an INSTALL document and rudimentary documentation in README.
> I have tested it fully on MySQL. It does not yet work on Postgres because
> it relies on AUTO_INCREMENT fields -- this can be addressed if extra
> time is found.
> If you said you would contribute a half-hour, you are asked to follow this
> link to pay by credit card:
> https://www.perusion.com/c/public/ord/checkout?mv_action=refresh&m
> v_order_item=misc-0001&mv_order_quantity=75
>        or
>     http://tinyurl.com/64kx2
> Click twice to pay for one hour (if anyone said they would
> contribute that).

Thanks Mike,

Just submitted my payment information as promised - hopefully others will
follow suit.

After studying the code a little it looks like I can track click throughs by
supplying Google, etc... with the advertising link (html) and then deliver
the correct page after the housing keeping is done. May take a little
tweaking, but it is a good start for me.

Steve Graham

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