[ic] Options broken

Bryan D Gmyrek gmyrek at U.Arizona.EDU
Thu Jun 3 20:34:01 EDT 2004


I upgraded to 5.2 and my catalog is based on the 4.8 foundation
catalog.  The [item-options] tag seems to be broken so the
options do not show for my products.  Has anyone else experienced
this?  Can anyone think of a reason this would happen as a result
of an upgrade?  Is there a database table that needs

In my flypage.html I have

              [perl tables="options"][/perl]

              [if-item-data options o_enable]
                [if-item-data !options o_modular]
                Choose one:
                  [table-organize cols=2 table=' ' pretty=1]
                    [item-options td=1 label=1 bold=1 price=1 weight=1]

              [if-item-data options o_modular]
                [set arg][item-code][/set]
                [include templates/components/modular_buy]

So, for items that should have options the text
Choose one:
does appear in the appropriate place on the item page.

There are still entries in the options table for the items ...

I can't find any error messages about this (in catalog error.log,
interchange error.log or /tmp/icdebug)


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