[ic] Admin GUI errors

John1 list_subscriber at yahoo.co.uk
Wed Jun 9 18:06:23 EDT 2004

I have a problem with the "Page Content Editor" in the Foundation admin GUI
throwing errors, and not working properly for me.

I am currently running Interchange 5.2.0, but have had the same issues since
starting using Interchange at 4.8.

I find that pressing "Save" followed by "Publish" (to publish changes to
components that make up a particular page) isn't always successful.

Sometimes "Publish" causes the page to refresh and go back to the "Page
Content Editor" index of pages.  Other times "Publish" just leaves me on the
same page.

Furthermore, sometimes after pressing publish the "Page Content Editor"
returns to the "index of pages", but displays an error along the lines of
"(content_modify): page my_page.html not found ".

Then, sometimes when I click the "Go to catalog", the page returned is a
"corrupt" admin GUI page, not the catalog home page.  Basically it often
looks like an admin GUI page with no style sheet applied.

When "Go to catalog" fails to work, I do still get the catalog homepage URL
in the browser address bar.  So my main concern is that it is not just me
who is seeing a corrupt catalog.  I am sure this isn't the case, but could
customers also be seeing a corrupt *admin* page if viewing the catalog at
this moment.

A few clicks on the browser refresh button usually sort the situation, but
often the changes I tried to apply to the page haven't take effect, and I
have to repeat the whole exercise.

I am sure others must recognise this type of thing?  Please can anyone
explain what I am doing wrong, and also reassure me that my catalog isn't
actually also serving up corrupt pages to customers for this short period of
time.  I am assuming its the contents of my browser cache or my session
variable space that cause me to see the corrupt pages, and that the customer
will always see an intact catalog?

Any insight on this one would be greatly appreciated.



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