[ic] Saving carts + Separate shipping addresses with dummy user accounts

John1 list_subscriber at yahoo.co.uk
Tue Jun 22 19:03:06 EDT 2004

I am building a store using the Foundation catalog as a basis and have come
across a problem when a customer places an order without first setting up a
customer account.

It seems that Foundation works by setting up a "dummy" user account, for
those users who don't set up a real account before placing their order.
This is fine, except that after placing an order the user is left "logged
in" to this dummy account.  This means that if they continue to browse the
catalog after ordering, and then perhaps place a second order immediately
afterwards, the catalog behaves as if they are logged in (because they *are*
logged in, but only to a dummy account created by the system).

This means that they see all the buttons like "Save cart as a recurring
order" & "Separate shipping address", which if they try to use won't work
for them as they have no way of accessing their dummy account again once
they close their browser.

In fact, I would like to disable the user account feature altogether - i.e.
Just allow customers to place one-off orders, with no ability to set up a
customer account for future use.  Do I need to manually remove all the "Save
cart as a recurring order" and "Separate shipping address" buttons, or can I
turn them off so that the "dummy" user accounts set up by the system do not
trigger the display of these buttons.

I hope this makes sense :-)


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