[ic] Basket Caching problem

Kevin Walsh kevin at cursor.biz
Mon Mar 1 11:19:32 EST 2004

Jon-Paul Kennedy [jpkennedy at pharmology.com] wrote:
> My basket seems to cache all data irrelevant of which user logs in.
> If you have 1 Browser session open, and add some goods to your basket as
> user BEN, then log out. Using the same browser, you log in as JERRY, you
> can see BEN's basket. Any ideas what I am doing wrong here?
That is the proper behaviour, although you can change it if you like.

The basket is associated with the session, rather than with any
particular user.  A user could have two accounts - business and personal.
The user may log in, add five items into the basket and then decide to
checkout using the business account (log out and log back in).  In this
case, they wouldn't be too happy if their basket was cleared and they
had to start again with an empty basket.

If you put the following code in the "pages/logout.html" page then it
will clear the current session's basket every time a user logs out:

    [calcn] @$Items = (); [/calcn]

Be sure that this is really what you want, before you do this.

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