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Jonathan Clark jonc at webmaint.com
Sat Mar 20 17:41:16 EST 2004

> >  Should not be a problem. I have used "Flash" in many of our interchange
> > development sites and works fine.
> >
> > sample: http://www.thememorialtournament.com
> >
> >
> >> Looking for advise on using Flash pages inside the shopping cart, or as
> >> a
> >> frontend page to launch into the cart.
> I am now trying to get a flash page to work in LEFTOPEN_TOP to replace the
> header and menu sections. I think I have the html portion placed
> correctly, but the screen is blank where the movie should be. Right
> clicking indicates it's there, and stats the movie is not loaded. I have
> tried to put the *swf file in almost every directory, but cannot seem get
> it where it belongs. I uploaded it in the foundations/templat/regions
> directory, but that did not work either. Could it be in an area I don't
> have access to on the server?
> 4.8, RH, on remote server.

the .swf should be in html space, like your images are. Incorporating flash
should not be a problem. If you can't access the flash directly via its own
url in your browser then its not going to appear when you embed it in a page

Bear in mind when using flash with links that IC takes care of the session
id when cookies are not enabled. Your flash links should do this too
otherwise you risk dropping sessions.


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