[ic] Values space question

Ethan E. Rowe ethan at the-rowes.com
Tue May 11 12:12:27 EDT 2004

>I think I added this before the [values-space] tag even existed;
>prior to that the only way to set it was to include a form variable
>of mv_values_space, which caused the variables submitted with that
>form to route it to the separate values space.
>Since the submission of that form results in the entry of the
>order, that qualifies as the same page.
Okay.  To make sure I've got it right:

Since the order entry page doesn't make use of the [values-space] tag or 
specify the "order_entry" space when retrieving values for individual 
form fields, the very first time the entry page is called in a 
particular session, it will retrieve values from the volatile values 
space but post to the safer "order_entry" space; because the mv_nextpage 
pretty much always points to the entry page again, subsequent actions 
will almost certainly result in the mv_values_space CGI value getting 
posted, and the references to $Values that previously drew from standard 
$Values space will instead draw from the "order_entry" space.  However, 
should you subsequently access the order entry page via a URL that lacks 
the mv_values_space variable, the form will once again be populated with 
data from the volatile values space.

Might it make sense to specify [values-space order_entry] at the top of 
the order entry page to avoid the quirky behavior that could result from 
this?  Are there any negative implications to taking that action?

Thanks, Jon and Mike, for your answers.  This certainly helps explain 
why the code in our log_transaction that clears out the user/address 
data upon posting an order from the admin never seems to actually clear 
the data; it clears the data from the order_entry values space but data 
is still sitting in standard Values space.
- Ethan

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