[ic] Is there a way to implement SQL triggers in interchangeusing mysql?

Tim Good tim.g at edsd.com
Thu May 13 11:49:19 EDT 2004

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> Tim Good wrote:
> >Hello list,
> >
> >As the subject states, Is there a way to implement SQL triggers in 
> >interchange using MySQL?
> >
> >  
> >
> Tim, what do you mean by "SQL triggers in interchange"?  Just want to 
> make sure I understand your question.
> Our store (using PostgreSQL rather than MySQL) makes extensive use of 
> database triggers.  Interchange itself doesn't have to know anything 
> about them, which is one of the beauties of implementing 
> business rules 
> in the database level rather than the application level.  You simply 
> design your triggers in the database engine of choice, and 
> potentially 
> look for ways in which your particular catalog implementation might 
> conflict with the purpose of the triggers.
> For instance, our inventory is handled almost entirely via 
> triggers -- 
> inserting, updating, and deleting order lines causes the appropriate 
> inventory item to be affected.  Consequently, Interchange 
> doesn't need 
> to do anything with inventory whatsoever when it comes to order 
> processing.  When I implemented the triggers, I had to just 
> take a quick 
> look in log_transaction to turn off the inventory decrement that took 
> place there (I can't remember if that's a standard thing from 
> foundation's log_transaction or if it was a previous customization).
> Does this at all answer your question?
> -Ethan Rowe
> Interchange-based site: www.nbp.org (built in large part by End Point 
> corporation www.endpoint.com) 


That is exactly what I was wondering. Thanks for the response. Good to
know it is doable. The database triggers would allow me to not have to 
muck in the interchange code as much ;op.


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