[ic] Re: Problems using an image for "remove" in the cart component

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Mon May 24 14:13:15 EDT 2004

At 10:19 24/05/2004, you wrote:
>><INPUT TYPE=checkbox NAME="[quantity-name]"
>>onClick="this.form.action='[process-target]', this.form.submit()"
>>I've tried using a variant of the above, by changing the TYPE to image
>>adding a SRC element and nothing useful happens when the image is
>>the cart/checkout simply refreshes with nothing removed.
>This won't work - you need a chunk of perl code to remove the item, see
>here for a solution
>This also works if you want to use a text link to remove the item.
>interchange-users mailing list
>interchange-users at icdevgroup.org

Erm, thanks James (I think),

I assume I hack the code from that URL down as follows?

[perl interpolate=1]
$i = 0; @qs = ();
for (@$Items) {
     if ($i == '[item-increment]' - 1) {
         push (@qs, 'quantity' . $i++ . '=0');
     } else {
            push (@qs, 'quantity' . $i++ . '=' . $_->{quantity});
$Scratch->{qlist} = join ("\n", @qs); '';
<a href="[area form="
mv_nextpage=[scratch index]
[scratch qlist]
"]" target="_top"><img src="images/button_delete.gif" border=0 width="41" 

Many thanks


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