[ic] Interchange on Debian

Grant emailgrant at gmail.com
Tue Oct 12 12:20:31 EDT 2004

> >>>I don't think unstable will any better in that respect. This a bug in
> >>>DBI/DBD::mysql which needs to be tracked down.
> >>
> >>So at the moment I can only run IC/MySQL on Woody? That kind of limits
> >>my options :(
> >
> > The alternatives are to install Perl from source. Debian packages with
> > unthreaded Perl have been offered on this list as well.
> Sorry - my bad. I thought you were saying that there were problems on
> Sarge other than the well know threaded Perl issues. If it's just a
> matter of compiling a non threaded perl then that's fine.
> Thanks,
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> Jamie Neil | <jamie at versado.net> | 0870 7777 454


If you aren't totally settled on Debian, I suggest you give Gentoo a
try.  Perl is installed with threads or not by setting a single flag,
and there is an ebuild for interchange although it isn't yet in
portage.  'emerge interchange' installs interchange along with all
dependencies, including perl modules.  It works really really well.

- Grant

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