[ic] Interchange on Debian

Henrik Holmboe elements at hack.se
Tue Oct 19 13:35:38 EDT 2004

++ 19/10/04 09:17 +0100 - Jamie Neil:
>Henrik Holmboe wrote:


>>Modify to your taste. As you can see here I have pinned most priority
>>to testing (Sarge). Read more on pinning on
>Rather than doing this with pinning, I have simply set the default to 
>testing (Sarge) and am selectively installing from unstable.

I dont know if I missunderstand you, or if you missed the point of my
post. :)

The reason for adding distributions "above" (e.g. add unstable in
addition if you run testing) is to more easily be able to selectively
install from them.

You say you put testing as default, which is all fine. But then you
manually download unstable packages, with for example wget? And dpkg
--install them? The method I mentioned can automatically download from
unstable when you ask for them. :)

 apt-get install thispackage/unstable

Instead of:

 apt-get install thispackage

The difference would be that the former installs from unstable, while
the latter installs from your default. In your case from testing.

This is a very nice feature in Debian, that I havent found in other
Linux distributions.


Henrik Holmboe, Stockholm, Sweden

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