[ic] Separate Images for Matrix Options

C. Ford londonpartners at yahoo.com
Wed Oct 20 17:00:34 EDT 2004

On Tue, Oct 19, 2004 at 08:46:43AM -0700, C. Ford

> I am trying to refresh the image on the flypage when
> matrix option is selected.  i.e. if option ?blue? is
> selected, the flypage would refresh and change the
> base SKU image to the image defined for the variant.

>You can see how I did this at www.sophee.com, most of
the products have
>variants.  It's got some javascript image code that I
wrote and you are
>welcome to use.  From an IC perspective, the images
are associated with
>each option, and flypage.html uses an ITML/javascript
mix to load all of
>the images into an array of objects.


Thank you Jeff, for the help.  I wish I had the skills
to modify it to work.  On a side note, your site is
very beautiful and clean.  I was very impressed with

I would still appreciate hearing from anyone who has
an image change with a select box for matrix options. 

I believe the problem I am having is that the matrix
option image is defined in variants rather than
products and I’m unsure how to call the images up?  I
have a thumbnail on my basket page and the correct
variant image is passing through to the basket/cart
and checkout page- it’s the flypage that is giving me

I’ve spent two days looking though the mail list and
I’m pretty sure no one has specifically addressed the
correct method to accomplish image change for

The html output shows the variant value is correct, I
just need to figure out how to associate an image with
each individual sku and then it’s just a matter of
replacing the image “OnChange” when the option is

<select name="mv_sku"><option
value="">--select--<option value="307-16">16&quot;
($9.00)<option value="307-18">18&quot; ($9.50)<option
value="308-20">20&quot; ($10.50)</select>

This is the very last modification I need to do and
I’ll keep working on it and will post a solution if I
find it.
Thank you again for the assistance you gave.


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