Betr.: [ic] User tracking

Jamie Neil jamie at
Thu Oct 21 12:37:20 EDT 2004

J van Dijk 'BV Kunststoffenindustrie Attema' wrote:
> I see that you know quite well what you want, but I would like to
> mention AWstats,
> we use it for more than a year now and we (including our marketing
> guys) are very excited
> about it. It's easy to install and maintain and gives a lot of usefull
> information.
> It is available in many languages (even Dutch !) and of course it's
> free.
> If someone is intersetd, i can mail some real samples.

I've looked at AWstats, and whilst I agree that it generates some useful 
results, like most other log analysers it's limited when it comes to 
analysing session and sales statistics. I know you can log session info 
etc. to the apache log files, but I don't think that's the right way to 
do it.

My preferred approach at the moment is to use Analog for processing the 
apache logs (which is very fast and produces accurate stats) and then 
log IC session and sales information to a separate location (database) 
where it can be processed by more suitable tools.

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