[ic] Restore inventory on cancelled orders.

Neil Hambleton neil at ic.com.hk
Mon Oct 25 06:18:15 EDT 2004

I'm running a store based on the foundation demo using version 5.2 
(upgraded from V5).

If I cancel an order or a line item, the inventory associated with any 
items in the order is unchanged. Is there a way to increment inventory 
to reflect the fact that the item quantity associated with the cancelled 
order is now available again?

I was assuming I would need to use admin/order_status.html to cancel the 
order (or line item), for which admin/order.html seems to provide the 
form handling, but the inventory table is separate from the transactions 
and orderline table, and I'm not sure how to get the [table-editor] tag 
to cope with multiple tables.

1. Is there a simple configuration option that I've overlooked?
2. In the admin pages is there anything which would allow me to insert 
an additional step in the cancel order process to update inventory?
3. If I need to modify the code, could someone point me at the code I 
need to review?
4. Or am I stuck with manipulating inventory manually every time an 
order is cancelled?


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