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Quoting: Lawrence Tartol <lawrence at davidweatherford.com>
At 06:59 AM 9/10/2004, you wrote:
>Maybe I wasn't making any sense in my last post, I've tried emedding my
>flash movie in an html document where the flash document parses my xml file,
>it does work on my
>server with an absolute url path
>I then tried [include /antiquecat/images/greens/interiors.html ] got this
>message Can't use file '/antiquecat/images/greens/flash/interiors.html' with
>NoAbsolute set,
>I then changed the interchange.cfg file to
>NoAbsolute No
>restarted the server.
>No results. Could someone point me to some documentation to facilitate me in
>getting an Interchange generated page to deal with flash/xml files?
>I would really like to use Interchanges xml-generator where I could make all
>sorts of flash product image galleries.
>I will mail any of you a 20 dollar bill, that's 4  5ths of my hourly rate.

We successfully use flash movies that parse xml files in
Interchange catalogs of our clients.

Simply add the <object> and <embed> html tags to your IC page
as you did in the static example above. The url of the Flash movie
should be absolute.

Also make sure that the Flash movie loads an absolute url to the xml file.

That's all.

Good luck !

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>Subject: [ic] flash xml
> > Hi all,
> >
> > I'm having a problem with a photo gallery written in flash that uses an
> > file to get its data.
> > The flash file loads but doesn't parse the xml document that specifies
> > thumbs and image locations.
> > Is there a simple way to have my embedded movie parse the xml document
> > before interchange
> > creates it's dynamic page ? The .swf file works fine when I type it in the
> > url but I would like to use it and would
> > love to share my action script if I could get it to work in an IC
> > environment.
> > I guess I need the .swf to be preprocessed and then display the results to
> > browser something like this:
> >
> > Any direction would be helpful.

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