[ic] gethostbyaddr in ic pages, how ?

Niels Svennekjær linux at post10.tele.dk
Fri Sep 24 05:38:55 EDT 2004


For debugging purposes I would like to get a hostname (from an ip) on a 
ic page

I have tryed following (with an lot of variations over "use Socket", 

return(gethostbyaddr(Socket::inet_aton($hostip),Socket::AF_INET) );

But it alvays gives an error, like
- Safe: 'gethostbyaddr' trapped by operation
- Undefined subroutine &Socket::inet_aton
- "use" not allowed in expression

If I want to make an 'lookup' of the hostname. Do I have to make an 
usertag to do it ?

- Niels

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