[ic] Re: Checkout page error with 'selectedIndex' & 'elements'

N.E.S.T. Solutions nest_consulting at yahoo.ca
Mon Aug 1 16:27:47 EDT 2005

> I'd say there is a typo in a tag somewhere, either some javascript tag
> not opened/closed well - an HTML tag not opened/closed well or one of
> ITL is broken ... 
> Is it possible for example to take the css files of one of the other
> and put them in place of the ones you have (after you copied them
> safe) ... Then see if the problem still exists .. If so then it is not

> likely the CSS ...
> Then you could try to put the checkout.html page from one of your
> sites (or the original) and see if it gives errors still ... If not
> it's likely to be a code problem in the checkout.html page ....
> If so then I'd comment out part by part (or temporarily remove it) to
> when and where it breaks ... 
> Good luck ... 

Thank you for the suggestions.

So far, I had already tried replacing these files with the original 
demo files:


I also did try to replace the region.cfg file with the original which 
I then edited for my theme name to match. That didn't work either.

I wonder...My HDD had crashed, and I got all my files from a backup.
I re-installed IC on a new fresh drive & OS and when I put my data in 
my catroot, I ended up with a few files that are named like 
.~.filename.extension, and they're only in the /etc, /config and 
/pages dirs. None like that in /include/checkout and /pages/ord

Are those backups made by IC in some situations? Should I remove them? 

Meanwhile I will look for tags again... never know!

Thanks again

Martin H.

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