[ic] Mod-interchange - PERL execution

Chuck Adams chuck.adams at capstone-media.com
Thu Dec 1 17:04:02 EST 2005

First thanks to Kevin and all others for their part in the creation of
mod-interchange and to Russell for a very fine downloadable content
We've got an Interchange site that uses Russell's downloadable content
solution presented at
It works quite well before mod_interchange by calling a usertag
"set_download_key.tag" that executes a /cgi-bin/download.cgi PERL script
- however once mod-_interchange is set up and the /cgi-bin/ directory is
added to the OrdinaryFiles list - the script is being accessed, but not
executed by PERL - instead it is just displayed as text in the browser.
Are there ways to avoid this and execute the PERL code?
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