[ic] template_page

JT Justman jt at airdelights.com
Tue Dec 27 10:01:04 EST 2005

David wrote:
> FreeBSD 4.8
> IC 5.2
> Hello all,
> I've used the capability to use a custom item template before without a
> hitch though it doesn't seem to be working in a recently installed catalog.
> As with previous installed catalogs, I'm trying to use the 'PageSelectField
> template_page' capability in the item table to substitute a custom page
> instead of the default flypage.html for several items. I've added the
> template_page field to the table display:products UI and then specified
> 'aboutus' page (or whatevercustomflypage.html page) in the field. I applied
> changes and even restarted IC (though it shouldn't be necessary). Though
> when the item/product is clicked it still returns the default flypage.html. 
> Maybe I'm missing something though I think I've covered all the bases. I
> looked at IC error.log and there is no indication of errors.
> Any help would be appreciated. BTW, of course I Googled terms like
> "different page item interchange", "item flypage template interchange" and
> "item template_page" though no topics seemed to address a similar problem. 

Hi, David.

Sounds like you've got the basics. Remember that everything is case
sensitive. Put the page name relative to your pages directory.

Failing that, check your configuration to see if the directive is really
enabled by placing this on a page (hide it inside a comment if this is a
live catalog):

return $Config->{PageSelectField};

And see what Interchange has for the current item (on the flypage):

[data table="products" name="template_page" key="[item-code]"]

That should narrow it down a bit.


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