[ic] shipping methods

aaldrik groenewold altexx at hotmail.com
Fri Dec 23 12:05:05 EST 2005

I try to change the shipping method in the checkout page from ups to 
standard shipping (PERD)  but nothing is changing. This is what I did:
in catalog.cfg:  ValuesDefault country     usa
                     ValuesDefault mv_shipmode    perd
                     DefaultShipping    perd
in /products/country.txt: US     0             US    PERD   United States
in include/checkout/shipping_address:   <SELECT NAME=mv_shipmode>
table=country key='[default country US]'
Nothing is changing, still showing up ups.
I tried also in catalog.cfg:ValuesDefault   country      
                                 ValuesDefault   mv_shipmode  
                                 DefaultShipping __SHIP_DEFAULT_MODE__
and in products/variable.txt: SHIP_DEFAULT_MODE	      perd	      Shipping
but after apply changes all with the same result. ups is showing up.
I am checking the mailing list for 2 days now but i am stuck now.
Do I missing something? Any suggestions?

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