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Curt Hauge ictech at mnwebdesign.com
Fri Dec 23 12:24:43 EST 2005

aaldrik groenewold [altexx at hotmail.com] said:

> I try to change the shipping method in the checkout page from ups to
> standard shipping (PERD)  but nothing is changing. This is what I did:
> in catalog.cfg:  ValuesDefault country     usa
>                      ValuesDefault mv_shipmode    perd
>                      DefaultShipping    perd
> in /products/country.txt: US     0             US    PERD   United States

First off, check your case sensitivity (perd and PERD) and possibly other
changes you made. Also, you do not mention what version you are using and if
you are using MySQL. If you are, then make sure you change the shipmode in
your country table, not the .txt file.

> in include/checkout/shipping_address:   <SELECT NAME=mv_shipmode>
>                                                         [loop
> option=mv_shipmode
>                                                           list=|[data
> table=country key='[default country US]'
>                                      col=shipmodes]|
>                                                       ]
>                                                      <OPTION
> VALUE="[loop-code]">[shipping-desc[loop-code]]
>                                                          [/loop]
>                                                        </SELECT>
> Nothing is changing, still showing up ups.
> I tried also in catalog.cfg:ValuesDefault   country
>                                  ValuesDefault   mv_shipmode
>                                  DefaultShipping __SHIP_DEFAULT_MODE__
> and in products/variable.txt: SHIP_DEFAULT_MODE	      perd
>       Shipping
> but after apply changes all with the same result. ups is showing up.

Did you add the shipping option in shipping.asc or from the admin? Try
viewing and editing shipping.asc by hand.

Good luck!

Curt Hauge
Office 763-689-4984
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