[ic] UI Modification Files

Greg greg at valuemedia.com
Thu Feb 3 17:11:11 EST 2005

Sam Batschelet wrote:

>I have just rebuilt a server from a hard drive crash and noticed that
>the custom layout of my admin in the foundation UI is gone after a
>reinstall of interchange and restoration of the database.  I had setup
>quite a few options in the new item section which allowed for more
>images multiple descriptions etc.  I do have the old catalog files but
>just needed to know where these configs were stored so I could restore
>them. I have been searching all morning with no success.  Any help would
>be great.
>Nightly Build 5.3.0-200501120658

Hi Sam,

It sounds like you may be looking for the mv_metadata.asc file? 
But before you replace the current file with the old version, make sure 
and  make a copy of the current one.  Depending on your changes, the 
original version of IC, and current version of IC, there may be a few 
things that you have to hand edit and a copy of both will help you check 
differences.  You also may want to remove the mv_metadata.gdbm to make 
sure and get a clean start.

Good luck. 


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