[ic] Barlink not searching locale products

Anthony van Winkle demandread at gmail.com
Thu Feb 3 19:11:50 EST 2005

Originally From Mike Heins:

>Quoting Anthony van Winkle (demandread at gmail.com):
>> The problem I'm having is that the links in category_vertical are
>> still searching the original products database, and thus returning no
>> results. The foreign database (products_de_DE.gdbm) is fully
>> functional, because the random and cross_sell products all show up in
>> German. If I force the bar_link to search it (by adding
>> fi=products_de_DE) to the scan string then it returns properly. I
>> cannot figure out how to get the locale variable to influence this
>> automatically, however.
>Depending on how the argument is developed, it might be as
>easy as:
>	[if scratch mv_locale =~ /^$|__DEFAULT_LOCALE__/]
>		fi=products
>	[else]
>		fi=products_[scratch mv_locale]
>	[/else]
>	[/if]

Your code to define the fi as the locale products looks good, but I
can't just toss that into catalog_before.cfg because the bar_link code
is lower than the interchange variables. If I could imitate the above
code in perl directly to implement in bar_link, that would work. Or
did you have a place to utilize the above?

On a more theoretical level, shouldn't this be inherit in the
interchange code, to recognize separate products databases for the
varying languages? Not that prices or quantities change, but
descriptions and content do. Any input/help is again greatly


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