[ic] tax based on zip code?

DB DB at M-and-D.com
Thu Feb 17 09:28:55 EST 2005

> DB wrote:
>> In Ohio, sales tax must now be charged at different rates depending 
>> upon the location (zip code) of the customer. Has anyone done such a 
>> thing or am I going to have to get my hands dirty (or pay someone else 
>> to?) I'm running 5.2 with mysql.
> I asked this question just weeks ago and the silence was irritating 
> since someone has to had to have dealt with this already.
> For teh data source, one of the least expensive solutions I've found is 
> a product from the 'Sales Tax Clearinghouse' which provides monthly or 
> quarterly updates of the tax tables in a fixed record format.  I've 
> already created a table with the imported values and will be working on 
> a tags that will validate the zip,state,city combinations when a ship-to 
> or account is setup and another to pull the current rates at the time of 
> ordering...  If you're interested in working together on this, contact 
> me off-list...
> Barry

The data for Ohio is available on the  state gov't website in various 
formats. I don't really have the time to take on a coding project - in 
the past I've simply called Mike at Perusion and paid him. He doesn't 
work for free but he can do such things far better and more quickly than 
I can. Maybe we can start up one those co-op project things that he 
does? Can anyone interested in contributing post so we can gauge the 


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